I sing from my heart
In pitch
More often than not.

Isn't that what a singer is supposed to do?

I'm just as comfortable wailing on a dance tune, belting out a blues tune, or singing softly -whatever the song needs.

Thank you for listening.

Mari Mack on Reverbnation

MMLLK live show archives  (LINK)

Mari Mack in Gregg's Eggs : 2001

Music Industry Personnel

"...a great, great singer..." Noah Evans (recording engineer, son of Gil Evans)

"Get up there, you belong on that stage..."

                   Joe Louis Walker
"You can SANG... Mari Very Mackish indeed..."
                   Narada Michael Walden
" I feel as if we've discovered a treasure..."
                   Angela Strehli
"You're the real deal..."
                   Tom Corwin (Mostly Dylan)
"An incredible singer..." 
                   Pat Campbell 
"One of the most beautiful voices..." 
                  Linda Imperial

"Mari Mack Tamburo - thank you & "living like kings" for all the heart you brought to the men last night at the Father Alfred Center for Bread & Roses through your powerful & authentic songs."

                   Marian Hubler, Bread and Roses

December 2013 


"....the band's best asset...a sensual powerhouse..." 
                   Mick Skidmore, Relix magazine (from Gregg's Eggs days) 

Random Folks :
"MARI MACK ... I don't like your 'CAN'T GO BACK' CD. I LOVE IT! OMG. I don't know you. I don't know your work. I know nothing about you. We met on the street, on Throckmorton Ave in Mill Valley. You were looking for a quarter to plug the meter, I rolled down my car window and made a comment about the artwork on your outrageous jeans. We talked long enough to exchange a quarter and your CD. Now that I have heard you, I CAN'T GO BACK !!! Incredible voice and style and hot band behind you! Good luck with your new CD! I know I'm spreading the word!
Sonam from the Santa Cruz Mountains."

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