Monday, June 10, 2019

June 8th Recap; Next Show June 28th.4-8 pm

Hey Everybody!

May you be reading this with a smile on your face and warm feeling in your heart, as it certainly beats the alternative!

Thanks to everyone who came out to see and listen this past Saturday night in SF. Still in recharge mode, as I do tend to exert a lot of energy in these 9:30pm - 1:30am gigs, and truth be told, I am an early morning person. Extra thanks to Gary Vogensen for filling in last minute for Tal Morris. Tal was fighting a bad cold and had two Soul Jah Family gigs that same weekend, so he really needed the rest.

Anyway, Gary's a tasty player and a really sweet guy. We met him through Angela and Bob over at The Rancho Nicasio.  Those of you who have been around a while may recall Gary filling in on another last minute gig -- that time I opened for Marsha Ball at the Mystic, and the guitar player I had been hiring regularly couldn't do the gig for some odd reason. That was pre-LLK era, about fifteen years ago.

I have to admit, it was an interesting week, since we had all rehearsed a couple of nights with Tal, who was scheduled to fill in for Pat. Flexibity is strength.

Next show:
4-8 pm June 28th
The Saloon
1232 Grant Avenue
San Francisco, CA

Me, Pat, Arne, Richard, Roy
Maybe I can convince Doug to stop by on his way home from his day gig.

I'm looking forward to this, as the hours are more in tune with my natural biorhythms and it will be another full circle moment.

I'm still running for POTUS, despite the fact that we are all barely at the gate for the primary, and the DNC appears to be preselecting the winner again, based upon name recognition. This already feels a lot like that sidewalk mess -- going with the old 50's model, afraid to listen to new voices, afraid to try some new method. Well, safe turned out to be sorry that time. Let's hope we all can learn from previous missteps.

Hope to see you soon. Until then, stay calm, love each other, and register yourself and/or a friend to vote. 


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