Monday, May 20, 2019

Special Olympics Regional Games Recap, POTUS Primary Ramp Up, Social Media Tune Up, June 8th Show

Hey Everybody!

Are we having fun yet? Are you living and thriving, or just barely surviving? Look to the light that shines within your heart. Focus on it. Be the good in this world. That is the change we all need.

Had a wonderful experience this Saturday, singing the National Anthem with my dear friend Linda Imperial, to kick off the Marin regional games for the Special Olympics!
I loved it. I met our Northern California Congressman Jared Huffman and told him I was running for POTUS. His reply went something like this, "Well, that makes everyone I know is running for President." Funny guy. Humor is a great thing. He is also very tall. I read somewhere that tall people are more successful in politics because folks are already looking up at them. Interesting.

As we ramp up the POTUS campaign, if you are on Twitter, follow me @maritamburo.  I will not be tweeting from @marimackmusic until after 2020.

Next show is June 8th at The Saloon. You know.


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