Monday, March 4, 2019

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Hey There, Family, Fans, Friends and All,

Writing this on a Monday morning. My ears are ringing and it is not a good feeling. My grandmother used to say, "right for spite, left for love," meaning that someone was talking about you, and what they were saying depended upon whatever ear was ringing.

Anyway, that is nothing new, but this time, I think it has more to do with something that happened last Thursday.

No gigs this week. I am seriously in search of a different type of gig: one that pays enough to stay living in the Bay Area. I have a lot to offer to the right (or left) situation. If you hear of anything from social media marketing to speech writing to baking, I will consider it! No ego here, but lots of skills and desire to serve. So, I am putting it out to the universe.

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p.s. Mari Tamburo on Linked In, Instagram and facebook as well.

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