Monday, March 25, 2019

Clearing the Way, Moving Forward, Possible Potus Run

Hello, Everybody!

I write this as I view overcast skies. Reminding myself that everything is temporary, good or bad. Enjoy the good, ride out the awful.

Gaining inspiration from knowing that Lawrence Ferlinghetti turned 100 yesterday. I missed the North Beach festivities, as I was working through a storage locker this weekend; remnants of past lives and some of my mom's things. Sort, consolidate, donate, etc.

You may or may or may not know who Lawrence Ferlinghetti is -- if not, he is a well loved Beat poet. Here is one of his most famous works, "Pity the Nation" :

Thanks to Goodreads for the image. 
Slight modification by me. 

Seriously considering a run for President. What I offer: communication skills,  a desire to serve, a circle of brilliant and compassionate people from which to choose a cabinet. No big money.

Hope you have a wonderful week. 



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