Monday, November 12, 2018

11/9 Saloon Recap, 11/15 Soul Travelers Stop in Mill Valley

Hello Friends, Strangers and Stranger Friends!
Thank you to everyone who showed up to celebrate increased civic engagement with what I believe is one of the highest midterm voter turnouts in recent history.
Whether you choose to call it Veteran's Day, Armistice Day or Remembrance Day, we honor those who fought for our rights and freedoms best when we choose to participate in our democratic process.
I am encouraged by everyone who dares to speak truth and insist every vote is counted.

Livin' Like Kings played a lively three sets at ThecSaloon this past Friday night - thanks for coming out. We debuted "Leap of Faith" and I was very pleased with the warm welcome.
This week, I join the Soul Travelers to revisit the hamlet of Mill Valley as we travel back in time when music was played live and singers could sing without auto tune! (Sure, we may hit the ocasional unintended sharp or flat, but we will be digging deeply from our souls!

Right after rehearsal, Lippy made a fun promo - check it out! We'll be bringing back some of the tunes from our August Aretha tribute, mixed with some old and new soul classics.

Hope to see you!

Early the next morning, I am on a plane to the East Coast to visit with my mom and sisters.

Giving thanks! Life is short and precious.


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