Thursday, December 28, 2017

Livin' Like Kings : Rough Tracks!

Now available for pre-order:

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Hey There! 

I love mornings.
Hope you had/are having a Happy Holiday Season! Since I managed to acquire a "new to me" desktop computer, I've been reorganizing my social media accounts. During the process, I discovered that our email list has not been sending for quite some time! 
So, if you are receiving this through email, please note that you are getting a backlog of blog posts. Please don't feel you have to read them all -- in fact, I would prefer that you don't, because they are random expressions of thought, a bit all over the place (just like me at times.)
Come to think of it, so is the new album. Snippets of random thoughts set to music. So, the only posts you need to read are this one announcing the preorder release and perhaps the one below.

Hope you have a great day.
Love yourself, be kind to all.  


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