Friday, November 24, 2017

Hi All!

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving (or Thursday, depending upon your location, of course.) We had a lovely meal at a dear friend's house. It was nice to be relieved of cooking duties this time around, and we have much to be thankful for this year!

If you have a couple of minutes, I feel like sharing a story:
Early this morning (about 4:00 am) I was awakened by the sound of water rushing through the plumbing. Look over to see if the light was on in the bathroom, thinking Arne might be taking a bath. Nope. He's asleep next to me. I had this feeling that something was not quite right, so I get out of bed to investigate. Follow the sound toward the kitchen, but before I get there, my feet sink into wet carpet.
First thought: "toilet is overflowing," so, I turn toward the small bathroom. My feet squish down the hall as I pick up the pace and swing the door open.  I am treading water and it felt like I was in the middle of a tropical waterfall, except maybe for the smell of chlorine.
As I start the all too familiar process of lifting the top of the toilet tank all of a sudden, I feel cold water spraying all over my back. That doesn't usually happen when the toilet overflows.
 I throw on the light switch, thinking that might not be such a good idea as I envision my naked electrocuted body on a flooded bathroom floor. Not the most graceful exit from the planet...
Anyway, that didn't happen, so I look down at the sink to see water spraying from inside the cabinet, at such a velocity so as to be pushing the doors open. Now, the doors are not that heavy, but still, that is some serious water flow.
So, I start frantically searching for the water shut off valve, find it after a couple of left right head swipes, and I'm turning the valve, not getting the desired result. Oh, wait, that is the hot water valve. This is cold water. Where is the cold water valve? Now mind you, I can't see a thing, because the water is spraying hard, right in my face. Trying not to swear and shout, lest I wake the sleeping spouse, I find the cold water valve and breathe a sigh of relief as the cold horizontal shower comes to an end. This feeling of glee turns to horror, then laughter as I catch a glimpse of my shocked, soggy reflection in the batbroom mirror.
I am grateful that I woke up in time to stop the flow and clean up the mess, a process which will continue after I finish this blog post and make myself a cup of coffee.
Thanks for letting me share.  Sending best wishes to you all.


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