Thursday, October 12, 2017

Norcal Fire Relief, Stress Test Results

Hey Everybody,

My stress test results were good. Grateful for good news for a change. It's a mystery as to what caused the symptoms, but at least we were able to rule that out.

I'm tweeting again. I was knocked out of the @marimackmusic account for a couple of weeks, but signed back in to share information about the fires in Northern California. The information will be interspersed with the occasional political and/or music and/or funny post, because that is how I roll.

If you want me to be one dimensional, get over it. I'm not here to fit into some little box, or what some preconceived notion of how you or anyone else thinks I should be spending my time. Perhaps my music career would be further along if I had better focus, (that is, if I didn't get distracted by illegal sidewalks and hopeless political campaigns and/or dead end soul crushing day gigs and/or random facebook posts) but I am who I am. I am unique, just like you and everyone else.

I sometimes share from my other accounts: @maritamburo and @av4c
Sometimes the messages overlap.

If you are far away and can spare a few dollars, Redwood Credit Union has set up a fire relief account:

On the local level, our dear Larry the Hat has a big truck set up in front of his store, starting at 10:00 am. Here is the facebook event link. It has a list of items that are most needed.

I am available to sing for a benefit. I am doing my best to record a song in the next few days that we will put up for sale at my bandcamp account. If you are recording a song, I am ready, willing and able to lend my voice. I just have to be able to get there.

That is it for now. Sending love and light to you and yours.



p.s. Still searching for a soul fulfilling day gig (marketing, arts/music related...? I'm flexible. Just please let it be challenging!)

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