Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Random Musing : Wednesday, 5/17/17

Hey There Whoever Is Out There Reading This,

Feel the need to share:

Sweet segment from the "Late Show with Stephen Colbert" - Dave Grohl with his mom.
I love this for a bunch of reasons. How lucky was he to have a mom who paid attention? She was a public school teacher. Just a guess, but I bet her students were also lucky. Sending love and thanks out to all the moms and teachers.

I wonder what "Indivisible" would sound like with Dave Grohl on drums? Such a solid drummer. One can dream.

Speaking of drums, we had a fun gig with Adam "Bagel" Berkowitz on Friday night.

The band sounded great and I got to sing. I'll share the video link when I find it. It's buried somewhere in the venue website. If I ever win the lottery, "I'll just gig until the money runs out."

Off to the day gig. We all make choices in life and I am grateful for the opportunity to pay some bills and have health insurance soon.
I really love my boss. She is an entrepreneurial spirit, the kind of person who is always thinking, looking forward, very creative. We have that in common, except one of us has had resources and confidence to move forward with their  ideas. I guess one brings the other (referring to resources and confidence.)

That's all for now.

Hope you have a happy day!
Sending love and light to all.


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