Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Palace of Fine Arts Update, Recording Project, Show on 9/17 in North Beach, SF!

Hey Everybody, let's have some fun!

Hope this email finds you well and happy and using your powers for good! I know it's past Monday, so I'm musing on early Wednesday morning.We're making it up as we go along, kids. Life is an adventure to be lived.

In case you are curious, it's been busy around here. Doing some house projects, some activity in the community and some music. A fun recording project in the works where I get to brush up my old acting skills - more on that as it comes to life.

Live show this week : 9/17 at The Saloon in North Beach' 1232 Grant Avenue, SF : 9:30 pm 
Lineup: Pat Duffey on guitar, Arne Frager on bass, RJ Franco on drums and Herman Eberitszch on keys. Hope you can make it!  The Saloon crowds are always so lively and fun, and of course, it's a great chance to see some old friends. North Beach is like going home, it's the closest I can get to my little Italian hometown of Lodi NJ without heaving the Bay Area, if that makes any sense. Really looking forward to this show!
Hopefully, we will be celebrating the defeat of the third and last of the really inappropriate proposals to partially privatize the people's Palace of a Fine Arts in SF. You may recall that last November, we were circulating a petition about that. More info :
If you are near SF on Thursday, 9/15, the Rec/Park meeting starts at 10 am at SF City Hall. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I will be there to advocate for a more appropriate plan to restore the structure to its original Maybeck configuration as an exhibit hall, while preserving its arts legacy and ushering in a new level of service to the community. Artists are being displaced at an alarming rate, forced to Ieave SF as tents continue to rise. We need mite opportunities for artists. 

Please remember to register to vote and then be sure to vote! I'm not running for anything except dear life this time around (joking.) Fwiw, I endorse Dennis Rodoni for District 4 Supervisor. He has the best combinations of skills and experience to do the job. I almost chose not to run when he entered the race, but followed through because I felt it would help bring some more attention to matters of concern to our little community.

That is it for now.


p.s. If you are on Linked In, please do me a favor and endorse me for singing. I've been trying to get a "real job," so I have not asked anyone to endorse me for that skill - but singing IS a real job. It is real, exhausting and exhilarating work. Thanks in advance!

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