Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Get Out the Vote!

If you are in California, please remember to vote - especially if you are in Marin District 4, where I am running for Supervisor. ;)

I feel the need to respond to Dick Spotswood's statement in his recent recap of the District 4 candidates. I will spare an analysis of his bias and just respond to this statement : 
"Singer/songwriter Mari Tamburo of Homestead Valley is certainly no status-quo proponent but her quixotic campaign is mostly about opposing the county’s construction of sidewalks in her bucolic community."

My campaign is not "mostly about opposing the county's construction of sidewalks..." 

True, opposing the County's illegal and environmentally irresponsible concrete slab is how I entered local politics. My campaign is an effort to continue to clean up the mess that County has made of Homestead Valley. I see a community in pain and I have the desire and knowledge to help bring our community together. Plus, I have the desire and skill set needed to prevent the same bad process from dividing another community.
I can no longer afford to volunteer my time. It's that simple. 

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