Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hillary, Bernie and the Marin Supervisor Race

This article came across my fb newsfeed this morning: "Hillary vs. Herself."
I shared it on my personal facebook page. If you want to join the conversation, go here.
So far, the only person who has responded is Martin, a pleasant and skilled fellow who is the FOH guy at the Fenix. He's a super Bernie supporter. I discovered the article courtesy of Connie Shultz, a well regarded journalist who is in the Hillary camp. Most of the people on her thread seem to refer to anyone who is voting for Bernie as a "Hillary hater."
The article is not a pro Hillary piece, although it seems to want to be.
I read it and it sounds desperate, playing the gender card.

Truth be told, I don't like or hate Hillary - I just don't want her to be President. Well, I would want her to be President if she is my only choice against Donald Trump, but she is NOT my only choice right now. We are still in the primary season.

Regardless of the fact she is a woman, Hillary represents status quo. Status quo is a no go in my book. We need change. We expected it with Obama in 2008, but we all saw what happened. Status quo wasn't ready for his bold ideas. They weren't ready for Van Jones in the cabinet. Van did the right thing and he put aside his own political ambitions and stepped back. I knew of Van's work and met him in 2007. Thankfully, some television producer saw his potential and put him on TV. It's a good fit, imho.

Btw - I feel the same way about most of my fellow candidates for Supervisor. There is something to like about all of them, but I am not convinced that any of them can see beyond the "same old, same old" except me, especially those who have been in politics for a long time. They keep sending out mailers. It seems so desperate.

My husband just wants me to sing, as he keeps telling me "you are one of the great singers." I have finally convinced him to help me select some songs written by other people, as I am not the kind of person who will sit down and say. "I'm going to write a song today." It's difficult to concentrate on making art when I have to worry about household matters.

Speaking of which, Arne is bouncing back quite nicely. So I guess I can spend at least one week on the campaign trail.

Hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks in advance for using your powers for good.


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