Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday Musings 4/25/2016

Hey Everybody -

I hope this email finds you well and happy and using your powers for good! It's been a challenging weekend, an inspirational weekend as well. It all depends upon our perspective, doesn't it?

The world mourns an icon as the reality of losing Prince sinks in. I had the pleasure of listening to Arne share many stories about his work with Prince and Clare. My favorite was the first time he met Prince. You'll have to ask him to tell you that one, because it's his story to tell.

On the more local front, I was shocked and saddened to hear of Jory Prum's passing. He had a motorcycle accident a few weeks back and finally succumbed to his injuries, just as it seemed he was getting better. There is nothing that upsets the natural order of life more than losing a child.
I did not know him very well, mostly through his facebook posts, but was glad I had a chance to meet him at the Sleeping Lady a couple of times when Amy and Sam had gigs. What gets to me is when someone so full of life, so full of talent is taken from us. The idea of not having them there, the idea of "never" - well, it hurts. I shared a tribute to him on The Plant facebook page to honor his talent. In times when we feel so powerless, sharing how we feel helps a little bit. At least it seems to help me feel better.
Our family's sincerest condolences go out to his family and those fortunate to have worked with him. He was very, very special.

On the good news front, it is very heartwarming to see so many people give to help the Korty family.

I guess I should give you all an update on my campaign for Supervisor. New facebook page for that :


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