Monday, March 21, 2016

Papers Filed for Marin Supervisor Race, Save the Date : May 12th

Hey Everybody! Hope this message finds you well and happy and working for good.

It's been an active week - happy to report that I filed my papers and am an official candidate for Marin County Supervisor! There are now only eight candidates. The judge seat has nine.

On Thursday, it was a fun night singing with Musicians Against Cancer at the Hopmonk. So many talented people in our midst - I feel so honored to share stage with them.

On Friday, I was elated to find two campaign donation checks in my mailbox, and as I was walking to the bank with Lucy, I got hit by a car in the very same intersection that was used to justify building a sidewalk along the south side of Evergreen!

I think my thigh absorbed most of the impact, because the doctor stated there is only a small chance of a hairline fracture in my hip area. My face hit the car just before I hit the pavement. The whole scene was surreal. I'm still quite sore, but feeling very lucky and will be picking up the police report today.

Tonight also just happens to be when the Mill Valley City Council will vote to send the $14 million Miller Avenue streetscape plan to bid. I wonder if they plan to place a stop sign at that intersection? If memory serves, I suggested one a few years ago.
Also, there were plans to straighten the curve in that stretch of road, which usually results in an increase of speed. I went to a meeting to request that they leave the curve for that reason, but the man facilitating the conversation in the group for that section did not agree.
I suggested he do some research. The last thing we need at that intersection is more speeding cars.
I'm supposed to be on crutches for about a week.

Reminder - Save the date - May 12th! Have a great day!


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