Friday, February 5, 2016

Reminder - Blues for the Palace - Tonight in SF!

Hey There - My Royally Rockin' Friends!

Sending you a friendly reminder that we (Mari Mack and Livin' Like Kings) will be at the Saloon for Take 2 of "Blues for the Palace"  - a grassroots people's effort to raise awareness about the completely LUDICROUS plan to develop the beloved, iconic Palace of Fine Arts and lease it to a long term tenant for 40, 50, 55+ years!

Yes, it is a real head scratcher. If you can't make the show, please sign this online petition that asks the powers that be to "REJECT ALL CURRENT PROPOSALS for DEVELOPMENT" - reason being, the only three proposals still in the running are a luxury boutique hotel/retail and a museum sponsored by an oil company, coupled with a "fine dining experience."
Come on folks, this is San Francisco - hotbed of creativity - we can do a LOT better than that!

Downbeat is at 9:30 pm - here's the facebook event. 
"Hey all you lovers of music and the arts - are the proposed plans to develpp the iconic Palace of Fine Arts into a "Luxury Boutique Hotel" or "fine dining experience" giving you the BLUES? 
Please join kindred spirits at San Francisco's most notorious watering hole - The Saloon in the heart of San Francisco's North Beach! Come dressed as a Weeping Woman, a meandering Maybeck or just come as you are - a thirsty concerned citizen! 
The important thing is to show up! 
Wherever you are - show your support for the people's Palace! Invite some friends. If you can't show up - just post in this event and on social media - maybe one of our creative culture loving innovative techie friends can Periscope it or something! 
or share the petitions(s) :
We are all in this together - time to say "Enough is enough! NO HOTELS OR RESTAURANT in the Palace of Fine Arts! It is a bad idea. " 

If you want to join the facebook page to follow along, I just started it a couple of days ago, since there seemed to be some "mission drift" in the group. 

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