Monday, December 7, 2015

Musings : 12/7/2015

Hey Everybody!

I bring you this break from the doom and gloom that has taken over the news media to bring you a morning message of love and sunshine!

Upcoming gigs :

12/16/2015 : We are at 19 Broadway with two more bands : Tomas D (x's for eyes) and Fighting Smokey Joe : we're doing one set in the middle (that's what I heard last time anyone talked about the order.) It will be an early night so tell your momma it's Ok to let you out.

12/18/2015 : Livin' Like Kings at the Saloon "Blues for the Palace" - some new friends of mine will be on hand to let you know about the latest assault on San Francisco's arts community...  SF Rec and Park in the process of handing the keys to our beloved Palace of Fine Arts to the highest bidder (for about 50 years.)

It's a long story check out for more .


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