Monday, December 14, 2015

Musings : 12/14/2015

Hey Everybody! Hope this email finds you well and happy and using your powers for good!
Last week, I secretly went down to San Jose to audition for America's Got Talent, and this time, my audition was a lot worse than the last two auditions I've done. I have come to the realization that I just really stink at auditioning. The people were really nice, though. I didn't even tell Arne about it until I was back home, because I didn't want to hear any comments about how "that's not a music show...' etc. It's hard enough to step WAY out of my comfort zone - any hint of a discouraging word and I'll be back in my corner of the dining room posting pretty pics on facebook, singing along to everyone else's YouTube videos.
So, hoping that he wouldn't take it personally, I told him the story and he said to me, "Well, maybe that is not how the world os going to discover you." We had a good laugh, and thankfully, he was happy to learn that I still care enough about having a music career to give it a shot. Speaking of which, I have also been conversing via email with various potential producers, with his full support. Problem is, most of those guys want to get paid and dental insurance is a higher priority than some long shot pie in the sky dreams of having a singing career as I'm about to become closer to sixty than fifty. I know that whole "age ain't nothing but a number" mantra, but let's get real here. I've decided to stop fighting with my husband and take his advice about my music career. Long story. I will be sure to share some pearls of wisdom along the way, so let's see if we can make some joyful noise together in 2016.

This past weekend:

Had a really fun private gig on Saturday despite some bumps in the second set due to Arne's left hand cramping up. It's another long story, but suffice it to say that this seems to be residual issue connected to a car accident which was not his fault a couple of years ago. It is very upsetting to both of us because we have so much fun playing music together. Arne will be making calls out to some of his favorite bass players to sub for The Saloon gig on Friday night and perhaps future gigs.

Coming Up :
Very much looking forward to Wednesday's set at the 19Broadway in Fairfax. I love when we get to play an original set and I also love when we can share the bill with friends. The other two bands on the bill are Tomas D. with his band (working title of X's for Eyes) and Fighting Smokey Joe. We go on second and I am super stoked to say we have Denise Martin on the LLK revolving drum throne. We met through Susan Z at a Breastival a couple of years back.

The only common denominator with these three bands is Arne.
Unless you consider that we are all doing this for the love of music.
Next gig after that is Friday at The Saloon on the 18th, "Blues for the Palace" - more on that later.
Thanks for reading and listening. Get 'Can't Go Back" on Apple Music and elsewhere.

Till then, see you on facebook.


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