Sunday, November 1, 2015

Musings : On Right and Wrong, Ed Sheeran, Friendship and Songwriting, Giving Credit Where It Is Due.

Hi There, Everyone!

It's raining!

Hope you had a fun Halloween weekend and/or Day of the Dead celebration (or however you decided to celebrate life...)

We had a fun night at home and I feel exhausted and grateful as our neighborhood troll had another night thrilling kids of all ages. I just want to send a special "thank you" to the mom who came back with her son to apologize to the troll after he did his best to try to ruin the whole experience for the rest of the neighborhood kids. What a lucky kid to have a mom teaching him the difference between right and wrong and how to treat people, i.e., when you make a mistake, apologize and make it right.  The absolute highlight of the night had to be the young man (18-20 years old?) who told Arne he had been visiting the troll since he was about three and thanked him for the experience.  Gives me hope for our special little neighborhood and our world.

One of the many music related things that caught my attention this past week:

Ed Sheeran was in the news because he hosted the MTC EMAs and in order to drum up some buzz, there was a story going around about how he "helped a friend of his pay her mortgage" by giving her a songwriting credit. The headlines in the media made it sound as if he did her a favor by giving her credit for something she actually did. When you look a little deeper, you discover that friend was a songwriter who was signed to a publishing deal. Whatever way you interpret it - Ed Sheeran is a very talented young man and I am so glad he is making music.

Anyway, enough thinking out loud for now - which happens to be the name of the Ed Sheeran song. It is such a beautiful song. Both versions follow below.

Have a wonderful week. I wish you love, peace and beautiful music.
Shine your light.

That's it for now.


 Here's Amy's version, in which she explains how she came to co-write the tune with Ed :


Here's Ed's smash hit version of the tune.

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