Monday, November 23, 2015

Musings: 11/23/2015 : "Let it Bleed" Recap, People for the Palace

Hey Everybody!

Here we are again, another Monday. I love Mondays because they symbolize a new beginning, a new dawn, a new day...well, you catch my drift. Sure beats dreading them - they are coming anyway, might as well accentuate the positive aspect of the whole thing.

Last night's party at the Sweetwater was a lot of fun - it's always an adventure playing the yearly Mill Valley Music Anniversary party, because we are pretty much left on our own and maybe get one rehearsal to run through tunes - so that leaves plenty of room for "winging it." As you may or may not know, Gary's a big Stones fan, so for this year's anniversary party he decided to gather a bunch of friends (aka the Mill Valley Music All Stars)  to interpret another one of his favorite albums, "Let it Bleed" - this was a continuation of the "Sticky Fingers Project" that we did for the fifth anniversary party.  We really don't go for an exact duplication of the Stones and Eldon (Brown) does a great job of channeling the Mick Jagger's inner essence because he's got a really rock and roll voice and a good ear. When we are sitting on the side of the stage, he'll be listening and telling me who is and who is not out of tune. You can get a sample of his singing on the "Made in Mill Valley," benefit CD for the Richard DeLone Special Housing Project or RDSHP
You can pick up that double CD at Mill Valley Music or at the original MV Whole Foods on Miller at Evergreen. It makes a great gift and the proceeds go to a good cause.

While you are at the display, be sure to check out one or two selections from the Floating Records' "Listen Local" talent roster. My CD, "Can't Go Back" is not one of them, but you can pick up your copy of THAT at Mill Valley Music (hint hint.)

We've got a couple of gigs coming up and are in the market for a drummer. Please send any suggestions my way. The more local, the better, because the gigs don't pay much, as many of my musician friends who used to be able to make a living making music will confirm.

It's a sign of the times, but everything is temporary - so, if you happen to be going through something bad, understand it will pass - and if it's good, enjoy it while it lasts. There's a song in there somewhere, maybe it has already been written.

Speaking of temporary, that petition I told you about the iconic Palace of Fine Arts still needs some signatures : please check it out, sign and share. 

That's it for now. Hope you make this a great day.


p.s. I started a crowdfunding campaign for that Palace of Fine Arts issue - check it out and more on that later : CLICK HERE

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