Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fairfax Fundraiser for Valley Fire Folks

Here's the deal on this gig. I volunteered myself for it - it's a fundraiser. I sent my band a note a couple of weeks ago. The only person who responded and said he was available and interested at that time was Richard, our keyboard player.

As it usually goes for these types of things, there will be probably be WAY more musicians there than people who are just there to listen to the music.
I'm guessing that I will get to sing two songs, maybe three. If LLK is there at the same time when I get called up and I can get to do a couple of covers that are in our usual set list - that would be really awesome.

If we are not all there and I end up having to call a couple of standard tunes and winging it - so be it.    Being that I am not as pushy as some folks, I don't feel quite right insisting on us all getting up there at a specific time and/or getting up there as a full band, since we weren't available as a band when Jon Korty put the call out and I'm guessing that he will have his hands full trying to wrangle all these cats who are really eager to play.

That said, if you don't have another gig or family commitment and have some extra time to hang in Fairfax and maybe play some music, please join the party - it will be fun - and if you can, please make a donation.

--- MMT

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