Sunday, August 9, 2015

Musings : 8/9/2015 : Gigs and Studio Sessions

Hey Everybody!
Once again, hope this email finds you well and happy and spending time doing what you love with people you love.

GIGS : Got a couple of appearances coming up:

August 15th - I'll be doing my 10 minutes with LLK's own Pat Duffey at the Berkeley Protest Festival organized by the one and only living legend Country Joe McDonald. I got to meet Country Joe on June 4th 2014. We met backstage at Yoshi's in SF (which is no longer Yoshi's in SF.) He said to me "Are you Janis tonight?" Funny guy. Says Joe about this show :
"We are celebrating the protest song (and poem, and comedy bits) and we are offering an open forum to Bay Area performers! There will be a full day of performances from 10am to 10pm in which each artist gets 10 minutes to do one or two songs, poems or routines. Performers can do any songs they want whether original or cover. Thanks to all who signed up to perform. Audience members will be asked to donate $10, which will benefit the Fellowship."
Here are more details:

Saturday, August 15
10am - 10pm
Fellowship Hall of the BFUU
1924 Cedar Street, Berkeley, California

• Buy tickets.
• Can't make it? Watch live on Concert Window.
• Download a PDF of the schedule.
• Download a PDF of the flyer. You can print it out and post it!
• Find the venue on a map.

August 19th - Joining the Fenix Wednesday night blues band in the first set, between 8 - 9 pm ish. Still figuring out the tunes for that one, but the evening's theme is "Blues at Woodstock" so you know I'm going to have to do some Janis. I'm not so nervous about covering Janis anymore, since I realized that I can just sing it and I don't have to try to sound exactly like her ("duh!") I don't know why I used to think that had to do that. I send a "Thank you" to Lisa Mills, one of the many talented singers who sang Big Brother and the Holding Company, for opening my eyes to that realization. While we are on the subject of hangups, I also used to have this fear about covering tunes that Bonnie (Raitt) had/has in her set. Perhaps it was that story Etta James relayed in her autobiography about when Dinah Washington slapped her in the face for singing one of her songs when she was in the room. Actually, for me, it's more of a "why bother?" If I can't improve (? -not the correct word )- on what has already been done, seems no point in doing it. These days, I'm game to sing anything. That is a really good feeling, very freeing. Feels good to be free.

STUDIO SESSIONS :  I'm happy to share that we are headed back into the recording studio VERY soon! It will be a celebration. I can't truly express how thrilled it makes me to see Arne getting back into recording mode. He just seems so happy when he's wearing his "producer hat." This time we'll be able to concentrate on just making the recordings instead of making the recordings between scrambling to make payroll and keeping the power on while trying to deal with crazy acting people who say they want to "help you out" when they really mean "help you OUT." Long story.
Anyway, I'll keep you posted on the details just in case you're interested.

Last, but not least : Very grateful for your kind words of encouragement, whether it's for singing, writing, doodling artworks, futile attempts to talk sense into bureaucrats or whatever. If you have a moment, I would appreciate a recommendation on Linked In - in whatever capacity we have worked together. It helps me to get some more paying gigs between the non-paying gigs that take up a lot of time, like music and communication for causes.

In the meantime, if you want to pre-order the next album, you may do so on bandcamp
That is not the album artwork, by the way - I've already changed that image.
Change is constant - whether we choose to create it or just adapt to it.


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