Monday, August 17, 2015

Musings : 8/17/2015

Hey Everybody! Hope you are doing well and ready to hit the ground running this week!
I love Mondays. Another week to use our powers for good and bring some beauty into this world.

This past Saturday Pat Duffey (guitar in Livin' Like Kings) accompanied me at the Berkeley Protest Festival, which was conceived by Country Joe McDonald and organized by Vic Sadot. I got there later than I had hoped, because I was trying to cram all the things I should have been doing all week into a few hours. My bad. Anyway, we had fun and I got to watch a group of really passionate people use their music as a vehicle for change.

Very excited to be going into the studio this week to do some recording. More on that when I have something to play for you.

I'll be sitting in with the Fenix band doing a few songs this Wednesday. The theme of the night is "Woodstock Blues Revival." If you can't be there, you can stream it.

Catch you next time. Stay positive, don't worry about anything and know that somebody loves you.
I love you.
--- MM

Lastly - here's The Band doing The Weight at Woodstock. (I also posted this on the Beat, that little neighborhood blog I started during that million dollar sidewalk mess I refer to from time to time.)
p.s.  I started this petition  : please check it out and sign it if you like  :

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