Saturday, August 15, 2015

Freedom Jam : Mix 9

This is that tune I wanted to "release" in 2011 that didn't get released until 2014. Again, long story. Anyway, Herman and I recorded this as a demo with an old Adat machine, if memory serves. Sincerest thanks to Pete Slauson for the loan of some equipment that helped Arne make the transfer.
It will be included in the album that is in pre-order status on Bandcamp. Maybe we'll even be able to re-record it next week. We'll see.

Here are the lyrics - if you want to sing along -
All across the nation...come together in an occupation.
Time to raise your hand, time to make a stand...
Too long, been down too long
Too long, been down too long

You don't know what the people want
Tired and fed up with all the dos and don'ts
Mr. President, why aren't you listening ?
Mr. Congressman, ya gotta open your hand...

There's something wrong when 99 percent
Are going without, now they're livin' in tents
The one percent, got all there is to get
We want to know, how can you forget...?

No more cuts to our education
Time you took care of the people all across this nation

Call yourself a patriot, but you turn your back on the old and sick
I don't know what you're thinking of
Gotta get some help,
gotta get some help
Gotta get some help
We better help ourselves

I hear what you're saying,
but it's not gettin' through
People let me tell you now,
It's comin' down to me and you

Stop buying all things that you don't really need
All you're doing is putting more money in the pocket
Of the man that got the greed...

Time to come together
Neighbor to neighbor
Through all this bad weather,
we can be our own savior...

they ain't gonna do it up there
Got to meet you out in the street
Make this life complete

Do what we can
Help your fellow man
...all children are our children.

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