Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Random Musings: 7/8/2015

Hey Everybody! Hope you had a fun holiday weekend. Been looking for day gigs,

Time to get back to my recap of Can't Go Back, since it's the only record I have out now (unless you count the Gregg's Eggs record from 2000ish and/or our LLK pre-order.)
Speaking of the pre-order, I was pretty pleased to receive this email last week  : " album is great! Loving listening to it." 

Anyway, I'm sitting here trying to focus on all the good in the world, since it seems all we ever hear about on TV and in our fb newsfeeds is bad or sad. And on that note, here is my next song in the CGB recap : "Sometime" song #4 on the CD.


 You may have already read my explanation of this tune - if you did, sorry for the repeat.

Here goes : "Sometime" is a song I wrote when I was sitting in a room, depressed, alone and feeling out of place.
It is what I like to call a "mood song" - one of those tunes you put on when you are feeling blue and need to have someone to be miserable with, but all your friends are tired of listening to you complain about whatever it is that's making you miserable. Or you just don't want to bum anyone else out - so you sit and listen to a sad song by yourself.

4. Sometime (Tamburo, Sabra) 
Drums: Alan Hertz 
Bass: Kai Eckhart 
Keyboards: Eric Levy 
Guitar: Basil Sabra 

Recorded at The Plant Studios, Sausalito, CA on September 26th, 2006 
Assistant Engineer: Robert Gatley 

I remember feeling reluctant to record this tune. Maybe it was feeling too vulnerable, putting personal feelings out in the open. Maybe it was partly not wanting to use the studio, because I understood how much it took to keep the place open at that time. As I have said before, I was in "I'm not worthy" mode. Those feelings built up over many years of people telling you you are not good enough - probably because they (the people telling you that) feel insecure about themselves, so they have to make you feel bad so they can somehow feel better about themselves.
Anyway,  if I had it to do over again (not the song, the time) I would have spent much more time in the studio writing songs instead of behind the desk or at whatever part time job I had back then.
But hey, can't go back, right?
Might as well keep moving forward. Time marches on.
Let's make it count and while we're being kind to others, let's remember to be kind to ourselves.


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