Friday, July 17, 2015

Next Show : Livin' Like Kings! Saturday 7:00 pm at 1303 High Street Alameda

Well, I had fun at the Fenix on Weds. Larry Vann and Merl Saunders Jr. - so supportive. I'm very grateful for their encouragement. It was fun running into Mitch Stein - felt like my various musical worlds were colliding. Blues meets jamband and all that.

Special thanks to Bill Shoemaker for taking some video of the Twin Oaks jam Monday night. He posted them to the Mari Mack Music facebook page.  There are some fun photos of Pat and Meg's backyard jam there too. Check it out and please "like" the page so I can be considered for a gig at a venue near you.

Speaking of the blues, we'll continue the collision of blues and jam on Saturday:

7/18/15 - SATURDAY : w/ Livin' Like Kings 

7:00 pm 1303 High Street Alameda 

7/24/15 - FRIDAY : w/ Livin' Like Kings at the Saloon, 1232 Grant Avenue, North Beach : Three sets starting at 9:30 pm

Working on getting into the studio. And if you donated to Sunny, I should be getting that track out to you by end of next week. Figuring out the best way to deliver.

If you would like to support the next album, please click here to pre-order.




New Album in Progress : "Livin' Like Kings" is now available for preorder on bandcamp !

"Can't Go Back" is currently available for streaming and/or download on

iTunes and at

Here's the Link to "Can't Go Back" on Spotify 

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