Monday, July 20, 2015

Next Show : 7/24/2015 in San Francisco

I'm sitting here looking out the window and enjoying the quiet before I gear up for this day. Lots to do. Blood test is first on the list. It's a preventative yearly check up thing - I won' t bore you with the rest.

Looking forward to Friday at the old Saloon in North Beach with Livin' Like Kings.

I hope you have a wonderful week, and if you happen to be in the San Francisco Bay Area on Friday, July 24th - stop by at 1232 Grant Avenue and say "hello." We start at 9:30 pm.

Now, go do what it is that only you can do.

That's it for now. Really.


New Album in Progress : "Livin' Like Kings" is now available for preorder on bandcamp !

"Can't Go Back" is currently available for streaming and/or download on

iTunes and at

Here's the Link to "Can't Go Back" on Spotify 

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