Monday, June 8, 2015

Monday Morning Musings : 6/8/2015

Next show: July 18th at High Street Station

Hey Everybody!

Hope this note finds you well and happy.

Hard to believe that last week marked a year since the BBHC KSAN reunion gig. Time is flying. Sam Andrew is greatly missed. Doing my best not to get bogged down in "what ifs"  - concentrating on being grateful for what is.

So, I continue to slowly sift through the cobwebs (literally and figuratively) and make progress while trying not to get too distracted. I'm not interested in shortcuts to fame (obviously, LOL.) The joy in being able to sing and/or play music is in the doing. Of course, it is a wonderful thing when someone is willing to pay for what we create, because then we can eat and keep a roof over our heads and create more music for you. It's really that simple.

So here goes with my next installment of revisiting the "Can't Go Back" album. This is "Birthday Suit" :

aboutI decided to record this song the first day I heard it. It cracked me up - Hope it brings a smile to your face, too.


i wanna see you in your birthday suit
all your friends say it's so damn cute
i bet that we could start an institute
come on and show us your birthday suit

i bet you've got some pretty private parts
i wanna see exactly where they start
i bet that we could make a whole lotta loot
come on and show us your birthday suit

you're always ironing the wrinkles out
but everybody knows without a doubt
there really isn't any substitute
out of the closet with your birthday suit

you can't get to heaven with your clothes on
even though many people try
you can't get to heaven with your clothes on
now everybody knows why

i wanna see you in your birthday suit.......


from Can't Go Back, released 08 July 2010
Birthday Suit (Clarke)

Livin' Like Kings:
Drums: Rob “RJ” Franco
Bass: Arne Frager
Keys: Eric Levy
Guitar: Pat Duffey
Saxes: Doug Rowan
Trumpet: Cecil Kirkpatrick
Trombone: Mike Rinta
Vocal: Mari Mack

Acoustic Guitar: Freddy Clarke

Horns Arranged by Doug Rowan
Arranged by Eric Levy & Arne Frager
Recorded at “Hertz So Good” Studios, San Rafael, CA on November 19, 2009
Engineered by Alan Hertz
Produced by Arne Frager
Mastered by John Cuniberti
Last but not least, it's great to see so many of my friends gathering courage to put it all out there with their chosen choice of expression. I wish you great success while we walk our individual and collective paths of discovery  - during this amazing journey of life.

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