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Monday Morning Musings : 6/15/2015

Hey There : It's me again, writing down more musings for a Monday morning with another track from "Can't Go Back" as we countdown to our next Livin' Like Kings show in Alameda on July 18th.
If you were thinking I veered off course by posting Sunny yesterday, you are very much mistaken, my dear friends.
Those of you who know me best and longest already know the very long process it took to record my first album over the course of many years, stops and starts, self doubts, a failed but not really failed crowdfunding campaign, and many shouting matches with my husband Arne who was determined to get me singing again after I had "quit the music business" for what I thought was the last time.

So, here goes :
Song #3 : Georgie
Wrote this one when George Bush was president and wanted to release it as a single, but I forget why we didn't. I think Arne wanted me to write more tunes and release a full album at the time, but I kept telling him it was a singles world and we kept arguing about the production. For example, I didn't want background vocals, because I wanted to be able to reproduce whatever we recorded live. Whatever.
It's really challenging to be a broke artist and to have someone you love doing whatever they can to help you get your music out and what they hear in their head conflicts with what you hear in your head and you don't have credibility because you are a nobody and they have all these credits and you start feeling all insecure about your art.
Even more confusing when all these childhood memories come flooding back that tell you "you're not worthy" and those old tapes from past abusive experiences keep playing in your head - so you're thinking you should just be grateful that anyone is taking any interest in you because you are way past the age when anyone in the mainstream "music business" will even notice you at all and it seems to mean so much to him to do it his way...
So, you shrug your shoulders and say "just do whatever."
Add to that the fact that we didn't have any money for promotion or a video and were knee deep in that mess of the last days of the studio business in Sausalito... So that's why we didn't release it until 2010. I'm not trying to make any excuses, mind you, just trying to tell you the backstory. I love the track. It sounds great and I'm very grateful.

At the risk of repeating myself, I have to say the whole experience has made me a better songwriter. It has at least taught me not to mention any politicians by name in a song. They are all pretty much the same anyway - just trying to get re-elected - most have forgotten they are the "public servant" part and think the public is the servant. If not for the great work being accomplished by growing number of creative citizens and activist artist friends...well, enough of that rant.

So, I may re-record this someday, substituting "Mister" for "Georgie" - but maybe not. It's a moment in time, a snapshot of the past. Sometimes I do change the lyrics during a live performance. And when we play it live, it's usually a bit slower.

Musicians are top notch. The Garaj Mahal rhythm section: Kai Eckhardt, Eric Levy and Alan Hertz plus Vernon Black on guitar and backing vocals and the Monophonics horns.

Been more than a bit distracted
At the news going on round the world
try my best not to get too over reacted
When the red white and blues get unfurled

Why keep looking across for the answers
Side to side, to when it’s time to move on?
Do you choose not to know what direction the dance is
When we’re telling you the Right is wrong?


Aw Georgie – why’d you have to go and be so mean?
Don’t you know, that the sun has the power
To wash the purpose for this madness clean?


See no reason for reason, when killing is in season
Just because you’re too headstrong
While we plant the seeds that will fill the needs
Cause it’s been going on for much too long

Green is more than the money in your wallet
It’s a crude crude way of life
Don’t you think when you point that rocket
Your hittin' a mother a sister a wife?

Aw Georgie – why’d you have to go and be so mean?
Don’t you know, don’t you know,
That what shines from above has the power
To wash the purpose for your madness clean?


from Can't Go Back, released 08 July 2010
Georgie ( Tamburo, Levy ) :

Drums: Alan Hertz
Bass: Kai Eckhart
Keyboards: Eric Levy
Guitar: Vernon “Ice” Black
Vocal: Mari Mack
Additional Vocals: Vernon Black

Monophonics Horns:
Trumpet: Ryan Scott
Tenor Sax: Alex Baky

Recorded at The Plant Studios, Sausalito, CA on May 1st, 2007
Engineer/Producer: Arne Frager
Assistant Engineer: Chris Cheney

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