Sunday, June 21, 2015

Another Sunny Sunday : Just in case you missed it the first time.

Repeat of last week. Thanks in advance for sharing. I recorded this cover of one of my favorite tunes recently with my friend Dave from Fighting Smokey Joe.

BACKSTORY: The inspiration to record this particular song came to me in one of those full circle flash epiphany type moments.
When I was a little girl, my dad used to sing along with these Music Minus One records. One of them was "Sunny." Well, one day he recorded me singing along and I improvised some notes, which appeared to catch him by surprise. So, he started playing it for anyone and everyone - which subjected me to a bunch of teasing by my siblings.
 If memory serves me correctly, I threw a hissy fit and insisted he erase it so that we wouldn't have to hear it anymore and the sibling torment would end. Well, I think he erased it - well, at least he pretended to erase it. Anyway, as I think back, it would be nice to hear that recording now, but I guess it's lost forever. But I digress.
So, anyway, my facebook friend Kelly Ann,  posted on facebook in fall of last year that her sister lost everything in a fire in her apartment. This was just about the time my Mom moved in with us, trying to fit the contents of a two bedroom 2 1/2 bath townhouse into a 9x12 room and half our garage.
Not gonna happen.
So, I said to my mom, "Hey Mom, would you mind if we gave some of your stuff to my friend's sister who lost everything in a fire?" and she said "OK" - so we managed to pack some of it into the back of Kelly's little wagon when she trucked on down from Guerneville, while chatting away about life and our mutual love of music and art and peace and love and all that. We had a wonderful visit and realized we had some mutual friends (Shannon Cinnamon and the Artista folks) and decided we would have to hang out again soon. A couple of months later, she and her husband Mountain Dawg (also a musician) came to see a show and I was shocked and surprised and we had a great time.

Cut to a few weeks ago - that very same sister now has a brain tumor and just had brain surgery. Turns out that sister's nickname is - are you ready? "Sunny" - so.... really, I don't have much money. All I have to give is my time and my music, so I recorded this song in the hopes that I could help her raise money for her medical bills. Every little bit helps.

Love and hugs to you all and thanks in advance for your kind consideration.


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