Monday, May 4, 2015

West Coast Songwriter's Open Mic at the Fenix : Tuesday, May 5th

"Truth has no path. Truth is living, and therefore, changing." ~ Bruce Lee

Hi Everybody!

Again, hope this email finds you well and happy.

Still buzzing from that gig over a week ago at The Saloon in North Beach. The place is tiny and it smells funky, but is has a "vibe" all its own. Honestly, that was the most packed I have seen it in a while - all night. So grateful. Thanks again for coming out!

Album Update:
Still searching for one or two great songs for the next album, working on finishing up before October (hopefully sooner.) Depends upon how many paying gigs I can wrestle up or things I can sell between now and then. More than a few friends have suggested I consider getting some writing gigs between singing gigs, but if Pulitzer Prize winning journalists have to rely upon PR gigs to make ends meet, what chance do I have in getting a writing gig? That said, I did apply for a part time job at a local paper, so wish me luck.

I have to admit, I'm thinking it will be difficult to match the high fidelity of the first album. Real studios staffed with professional engineers are expensive, but worth it. I'm determined to raise the cash, because you know how it is - whoever has the money makes the rules, and I am getting pretty sick and tired of people comparing me to Pia Zadora (some woman whose rich husband financed her singing career.) Not that I really care what people think, or I wouldn't have risked being called a "crazy lady" by trying to stop that ridiculous million dollar four block sidewalk. Although, I have to admit I now understand that it WAS pretty crazy to spend two years trying to talk some sense into a bunch of BS'ing bureaucrats and a handful of people who really don't care about anything except their own convenience. I'm thinking that not many people really knew the whole story. Lots of misinformation still flying around about that. Whatever. Glad to be back getting back to music.

Speaking of music -
This week, Arne and I have been asked to lend our ears to critique the monthly WCSA songwriters' open mic/ competition at Fenix in San Rafael. 
Hard to believe it has been almost 30 years since I drove out west from NY to make the conference at Foothill in November of 1987. They were still called NCSA (Northern California Songwriters Association) back then.

If you are a songwriter near San Rafael, here are the details :

Not sure about performing on Tuesday, unless Arne can make me a TV mix or I can wrangle an accompanist. Let me see what I can do.

When Lauralee asked me about my recording credits, I sent her this email:

"Believe it or not, I have very few credits, besides "Gregg's Eggs" the album that brought Arne into my life, and my first album "Can't Go Back" -  as far as I can remember - my only recordings before then were a credit as "vocorder" on a Christmas song in the early 80's, backgrounds for a Michael Bolton demo (While he was still known as Michael Bolotin...) and some background vocals on a never released Roy Buchanan album. And some original band demos.

I have had a couple of close calls to "*making it" - the irony is, when I met Arne, I just wanted to settle down and have a baby, because he really is the first "father worthy fella" I found - I gave up trying to have a "music career."  I was pushing forty for goodness' sake. It's only through his constant support and encouragement that I'm giving it one more shot. Plus, my ovaries are echoing like the Grand Canyon.

 That, and well, you know - I can't give up music. It has to come out, or I'll go crazy."

Anyway - that's it for now.


p.s. Arne's discography:

*making it = being able to make a living through music

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