Saturday, May 23, 2015

Oh Say, Can You Make a Donation to Bread and Roses for Me?

Hey Everybody!

While we are waiting for our next gig, please help our friends at Bread and Roses during their fundraising drive!

I've entered (though you know how much I deplore competition.)

I remember when Mimi Farina founded Bread and Roses. I was just a young girl. While we had very different backgrounds, we were both affected by the healing power of music.

In fact, I was so moved by her life's work, though we never met, I felt compelled to attend her memorial at Grace Cathedral in 2001. I've only played two Bread and Roses concerts so far - the last one with my friend Sam Andrew. That show prompted me to contact him about trying to write a song together.

Due to his unfortunate and untimely passing, that was not to be, but I was honored to sing a song for him at his memorial last year and am taking steps to go into the studio to record that song.

btw - If you just happened upon this page by accident, maybe you might want to also donate on behalf of one of the other artists, or check out their music.


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