Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bread and Roses : Oh Say, Can You Sing? Contest

Hi Everybody! 

Sorry I missed yesterday's usual Monday morning musings - I got distracted by the "whooshing" sound of speeding cars on our street and ended up writing a post for that local blog I started during the sidewalk mess. My bad. I'm doing my best to move on and get back to work and life. 

On the good news front. I scored some part time work for a local documentary filmmaker. Really worthwhile project - more on that in a future post. This blog is for music related endeavors - speaking of which, I decided to put myself out there and make another attempt to raise some funding for a good cause by entering the Bread and Roses "Oh Say, Can You Sing?" contest

Please excuse the ancient photo (15 years ?) - I would have used the one that Pat's brother Chris shot at our Guerneville  gig a couple of years ago, but that would have required I sign over all rights to the photo - I wouldn't and couldn't do that. 
This photo that Jaclyn took while I was in Gregg's Eggs will have to do. That was a work for hire.  It's a copyright thing. 

Anyway, please click and donate a couple of bucks to a good cause. You may help me build my fan base in the process. Thanks to Shelley from Local Music Vibe for the video link.


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