Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Social Media Updates, Second Album on Hold, Next Week in Vallejo

Hey There, Friends -

I am getting around to updating my various social media accounts. Admittedly, I have allowed myself to get distracted by too many things besides music.

Finally got the first album up on Soundcloud . Second album is on hold due to budget constraints. If you know of any philanthropic blues lovers looking to do a good deed so we can recut a couple of tracks, get this puppy mastered and pressed and all that, tell him or her to give me a shout. Otherwise is it waiting until I sell everything I own...

Kind of bummed that I caught a head cold of some sort. Hopefully, it will be gone by the weekend. Then, with a couple of days' rest, I'll be good to go for next Wednesday's Ramble at the Empress Theatre in Vallejo. Worst case scenario, I will sound raspier than usual.

In the meantime, thanks for your patience and have a wonderful day.

Much Love,

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