Monday, February 9, 2015

Prayers for Sam

Sending prayers and good thoughts to Sam Andrew.

Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to him and his wife Elise.
Know that you are loved by so many.

Dear Friends, 
 Since the last update, Sam had been doing so well breathing on his own, getting his voice back, starting physical therapy, becoming mentally clearer and sharper, dancing and laughing in bed, that it is heartbreaking to tell you that four days ago he developed a gastrointestinal bleed and complications from kidney failure that have put him in critical condition once more and his prognosis is very poor.
After his valiant fight through previous setbacks the idea that Sam may lose the long struggle for his life is unbearable. 
The prayers and good wishes from all our many friends have meant everything to us and have buoyed Sam's spirits when they lagged. Please continue to keep us in your thoughts now. 
If by a miracle Sam takes a turn for the better I will let you know. 


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