Sunday, January 4, 2015

Next Show : January 10, 2015 : Sausalito, CA

Hey There Kids!

We are picking up the bootstraps and getting back into the game on January 10th
at the Sausalito Seahorse - there is food and it is all ages (it's a restaurant...)

So come on down and shake off your post holiday blues and treat yourself to some tasty food!

So far the lineup is:

Mari Mack on vocals
Arne Frager on bass
Pat Duffey on guitar
RJ Franco on drums
Richard Wood on B3

I'm not really much in the mood for musings, except to say that I'll continue to send out some good healing vibes to my friends that are ailing and those who have recently lost loved ones.
Sometimes it seems the world has gone mad, so let's be grateful that we have music to lift our spirits.

Much Love,

“Music is a safe kind of high.” 
― Jimi Hendrix

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