Monday, December 8, 2014

REMINDER : 12/13/14 in SF's North Beach!

Hi Everybody - 
Feels good to be getting back into a routine. 

Just a reminder that we have a show at the end of this week, in SF, so take a nap and stay up late with us on 12/13/14 -
If you can't be there in physical form, be there in holiday spirit - we will be there with jingle bells on...

Is there more turmoil in the world, or are we becoming more aware of it? While it seems that all we ever hear about is bad news, it's encouraging to see so many people come together for the common good. Check out the Master Shift Global Mediation happening on Friday, led by Julian Lennon :

Also on Friday, a special show called "Blues for Blindness" to benefit Seva, a wonderful organization that has been helping to restore blindness for more than thirty years.
I am not on the bill for this one, but am working diligently so that someday, enough people will know me for my music so that I may help to fill some seats for Seva :  Blues Against Blindness

On the recorded front, we are still working on that next album and you can get in in preorder from bandcamp, as well as that fun little Christmas song we recorded last year a couple of days before Christmas.  I managed to put a couple more tunes up on Soundcloud, so I hope that will help you share the music. 

I'm excited for everyone who has been nominated for a Grammy and I'm looking forward to getting the ballot so I can cast my votes. 

That's it for now.
Hope to see you Saturday at The Saloon!

-- MMT

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