Thursday, September 18, 2014

FREE DOWNLOAD For Climate March

I've got good news and bad news :

Bad News:

The Theatre DeVille is closing its doors, so we won't be opening up for Elvin Bishop on October 17th in Vacaville.
Actually, there is some good news in that, because we were going to have to do the gig without Arne, which is the whole reason that Livin' Like Kings even became a band in the first place.

That's a pretty funny story, really, because the date was going to be the 24th, which one of the Kings couldn't do, so Arne pitched a bit of a fit, saying that we really couldn't be turning down gigs, so we needed to get a sub for whomever can't make the date. Then the date was changed to the 17th, which is/was a scheduling conflict for him. We had a good laugh about that one.
Anyway, as his first priority is to see me sing more often, whether or not he gets to play bass (or engineer, or produce for that matter) - of course, he was more than happy to hire a sub, which we unfortunately had to unhire (is that even a word?) because the gig has since been cancelled.

He is right, of course, because, honestly, how can an artist or band create any momentum unless we play consistently? And how can we play consistently when key members are in several bands?
As you can see, this causes a scheduling challenge.

Good News :

In honor of the Climate March on September 21st, I'm giving away a free download of that Freedom Jam song that Herman Eberitzch and I recorded in 2011.
Download is available now through until we run out (I only have about 1200 download credits) or until #musicmonday September 22nd.

As you may remember (pretty hard to forget since I keep talking about it) - that song was conceived and birthed while I was knee deep in a bureaucratic mess about an overkill, environmentally irresponsible, million dollar four block sidewalk that is estimated to dump an average of a million gallons of polluted storm water runoff into a creek that contains (or used to contain) federally endangered Steelhead Trout.

Hmm - come to think of it, that contained some bad news. Oh well, sorry about that, but the truth hurts sometimes.

Here's the track :

Some more Good News :

We have a gig at The Saloon in San Francisco on October 4th - 9:30 pm downbeat - which is right smack in the middle of Hardly Strictly Bluegrass weekend!

Looking for a sub drummer for that one, for the reasons mentioned above.

Much Love,

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