Thursday, August 21, 2014

New Release : Girl (Better Off Without Him) , August 26th Show In Sonoma

Yes, another "new tune" - better late than never! I wrote this one a long time ago, obviously. So glad to say those days are long gone.
The evolution of this tune is interesting, as I wrote the lyric and melody, then brought it to several potential collaborators until we finally hit the right groove with Herman ( Eberitzsch.)

Alan Hertz engineered this one. Bet you thought he was just a kick ass drummer, didn't you?
I tried to embed the bandcamp link, but again, it would not work on the iPad.
Hope you like it. Feel free to share.


Reminder : next Show is at the Twin Oaks Tavern with Livin' Like Kings and perhaps some surprise guests...

Directions / Info


Last week's release : Freedom Jam : a jam I did with my very talented friend Herman back in 2011.
About the recording :
This recording came about on one day when I was really at my wits end about some stupid sidewalk project. I went to Herman's "boogie shack" and he started jamming and I just started belting into the microphone. It's a live performance and I think I must have overloaded the mic, because there's some distortion on the vocal parts. Makes it real.

Since we didn't do any rehearsal or anything, it was just "off the cuff" interplay, I may have hit a funky note here and there, but we didn't use auto tune - because, well, life is not perfect and tidy, now, is it?
My personal inspiration for the song ;

This tune was inspired by my frustration with bureaucracy in 2011 - when my neighbors and I were still in the midst of the "Battle for Evergreen" - some of us were trying to convince Marin County to turn away close to one million dollars ( $900,000 ) in Safe Routes to Schools funding. The funding was earmarked to construct a four block long concrete slab for a private commuter school in a semi rural historic neighborhood. It's a really long story - and before you join the ranks of the people who think I am crazy or don't love kids because I fought this construction project, read this :

Of course, they built the concrete thing anyway and since then, there have been THREE accidents on a street that used to have a perfect safety much for a "safer route" to school.

Looking at the slab, it's a fine example of how messed up things are in this country:  We can't buy books for our public schools, but somehow the  "powers that be" are making sure some private commuter school gets a million dollar sidewalk to try to coax their clients to walk four blocks.

Really frustrating and not much help to the kids in the long run. I love all kids, regardless of what school they attend, but nobody wins when regulations are disregarded and anyone's civil rights are violated.

When we accept tyranny at any level, we pave the way for tyranny everywhere.

Things won't change for the better until we ALL work together for positive change at the grass roots level.

Start where you live and work.

btw :

Arne did not feel this song was "commercial" enough or showcased my vocal abilities enough, so we did not release it in 2011.

That really upset me even more than the sidewalk bureaucracy, because what is the point of making music, if nobody gets to hear it?

I love my husband very much and have great respect for his extensive experience in the music industry, but I really do have to say it is a challenge having your husband as a producer. I see how he works with other artists - he seems to be much more free with them.
Maybe because he doesn't live in the same place; I don't know. I have been trying to get out of the music business for years, because it is just so, well, superficial. I know I don't fit the profile of what it takes to be a superstar and I really do love our life together. When I was on the road with Gregg's Eggs, I hated it (cruel practical jokes, loneliness.)

Anyway, after I bugged him enough, he gave me the file, but I was reluctant to upload it at that time, because of the distortion - plus I felt that we were past the Occupy movement.

However, recent events on the news, such as what is going on in Ferguson, Missouri, show otherwise.

At this point, I really don't want to overthink things - I just want to express myself, so I'm putting whatever I have out there.
If you can relate to it, great.

If you like it, please buy it and/or share.



Occupy green streets!

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