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Monday Musings : 6.16.14 : KSAN Reunion Show Recap

First off, please excuse the typos. I wrote this on my iPad. Really miss my laptop and I'm still not sure whether it was hacked or I killed it by overuse...

This week : I'm sitting in with the Fenix Blues Band on Wednesday the 18th. Show starts at 8:00 pm - you can watch the live stream at

Recent Stuff :

The BAM magazine recap for the KSAN reunion show went live a few days ago.
Since you are reading this either from my website, a social media link or my email list, I figure you to be at least mildly interested in things pertaining to me, so I've cut and pasted the part pertaining to the BBHC show :

"Big Brother & The Holding Company followed with a 30-minute set. Lead guitarist Tom Finch and singer Mari Mack accompanied original members Peter Albin, Sam Andrew, and David Getz. Obviously no one could replace Janis Joplin, but Mack gave a powerful performance with “Ball and Chain,” hitting high notes I’m not sure even Joplin could have reached."

Well, I fully agree that  "obviously no one could replace Janis..." which is why I have never tried to emulate her (or anyone else for that matter.)
Kind of a mind bender though, "big shoes to fill" and all the obvious comparisons...
I have to admit, the whole night was a bit of a blur. I was just trying to get through the set and truly was a bit freaked. No rehearsal or full sound check and we had only played two shows together 15+ years ago...

But hey, whatever - when the music starts, we are all just going with the flow of the music. After the first tune, we seemed to have it dialed in and it was over in a flash. The audience seemed to like it (a lot of them stood up, screamed and clapped...) and all the guys in the band were pretty happy.
Extra kudos to Sam Andrew and Peter Albin for being there early, offering extra guidance and support and being so welcoming to my man. He was so thrilled to meet them, because he is a huge BBHC fan. For the few weeks leading up to the show, I lost count of how many times he told me about seeing Janis and Big Brother at the Fillmore...

Overall, it was a chaotic but fun night. I was glad we went on early so I could just sit back and enjoy the rest of the show. Everybody did a great job.

 :  click here to read the recap/review of the entire show.

Hope to see you soon! 


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