Thursday, August 8, 2013

Upcoming Shows : SF Bay Area

Hey Everybody!

Hope this email finds you well and happy or at least figuring out a way to stay relatively sane in this crazy, beautiful blue marble of a world!
Just another friendly reminder of what's going on in with me, music wise...

Wednesday, AUGUST 14th : Mill Valley Concerts in the Plaza  - 6:00 pm - 7:15 pm or so.
fyi : We are bringing in the Royal Blues Horn section for this one : Doug Rowan on Sax and Mike Rinta on Trombone.
Get there early, bring a chair or a pillow because it is mostly bricks - and be sure to dress in layers because you never know what the weather is going to be like around here. But is is always a fun time, and I'm really excited about this show, because we got selected from hundreds of band submissions.

Friday, August 16th : If you like baseball, I'm singing the Star Spangled Banner for the final time this season at a San Rafael Pacifics game. They are playing Vallejo that night, so, check it out : LINK
It's a really cool little baseball park and you can get your picture taken with a big fluffy duck.
This time, I am actually going to hang out at the game, because I promised my husband it would be a date night.

Friday August 23rd : The Saloon in North Beach : 9:30 pm
1232 Grant Avenue - the oldest bar in San Francisco!
Please join us at our favorite North Beach haunt for a good ol' time, always great people watching and the last time we played there, some guy was asking us why we weren't playing huge arenas, because we were the awesomest band he had ever seen. I kid you not. I love that place.

Sunday September 1st Sausalito Art Festival : 11:00  - 11:45 am at the main stage.

 -- Right now we only have one show in September, because it looks as if we are about to get busy in the studio again to finish the album (fingers crossed.)

Anyway, that is it for now, so, until next time, keep your friends close and your food source closer!


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