Sunday, June 30, 2013

Star Spangled Banner Recap, Sweetwater Music Hall Ticket Link

Star Spangled Banner Recap 

I sang the Star Spangled Banner at this past Saturday's San Rafael Pacifics game!
Here's how it went :
We get there. It is HOT. 102 degrees.
I have my Maker Faire reusable water bottle, nice and cool, just out of the fridge. I ask Shelley (Champine, Local Music Vibe) - "Can I leave my hat on?" She tells me "Do what feels comfortable to you."
"Great!" I'm thinking. "Hat on, sunglasses on, so I don't have to worry about what I look like when I contort my face for those high notes." Glad that's settled.
So, I'm standing there, waiting for the signal to go out onto the field. I'm happy that I have my hat on to shield me from the hot sun, and the announcer asks everyone to please remove their hats. Oops - all of a sudden  don't feel comfortable with my hat on.
As I slowly remove my hat, I wonder what to do with it, as my hand instinctively places it over my heart, when I hear the announcer introduce me as "the proud daughter of an Air Force Veteran."

Of course, I had forgotten that was what I submitted for last year's intro. I submitted my audition video the day after my Dad passed away...

All of a sudden comes an unexpected wave of emotion. "Don't lose it, Mair," I tell myself. "Breathe."
"Don't think about your dad, just sing" I tell myself.
But it does no good. The photo of my father sitting in a chair in his Air Force uniform is all I see in my mind's eye. My throat starts to choke up as I try to fight back tears.
I close my eyes and try to concentrate. My heart is pounding so hard..."Think of something else," I tell myself, "Breathe. Don't rush." I remember what Arne told me last year "Next time leave more room after the notes..."
Breathe Breathe Breathe...
First time I did this, I swallowed one of the words. Won't do that again.
I hear a couple of whistles in the room I leave between the notes, but am startled by the silence and respect.
Take a deep breath, hit that last note.
Remembered all the words and hit all the notes. Grateful.
I feel so honored to be able to do this - and think that I wish I could do this everyday.
I look for Arne, sitting in the stands, and let the tears flow.
Feels good to let go sometimes.

Sweetwater Ticket Link

We are playing the Sweetwater Music Hall - must be a #throwbackthursday - because they lifted an old pic from my facebook page to advertise the show - I don't look like that anymore, but I'm still singing the blues and soul!

Mari Mack & Livin' Like Kings at the Sweetwater Music Hall, July 11th 
 Click here for TICKET LINK

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