Monday, October 15, 2012

Joe South : "Walk a Mile My Shoes"

Last month, we lost Joe South, best known for his song, "Games People Play"
'He had made a successful career as a session musician in Muscle Shoals and Nashville when Games People Play brought him to international attention. Its title borrowed from a successful book on transactional analysis by the psychiatrist Eric Berne, the song took an unusual approach to the social tensions of the day, more oblique and unpredictable than other Dylan-influenced protest songs which topped the charts. But when it won a Grammy for best song of 1969, his problems began.
"The Grammy is a little like a crown," he told Robert Hilburn of the Los Angeles Times. "After you win it, you feel like you have to defend it."
Gary from Mill Valley Music managed to get me a copy of Joe's Greatest hits. Another song of Joe's that resonates with me - is "Walk a Mile in My Shoes" - I'm posting Elvis' version, and then Joe's version.
This song was also recorded by two other artists : Bryan Ferry Coldcut Interesting how this song still resonates today in many situations. Think about it. - MM

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