Monday, September 27, 2010

CD RELEASE: Rockin' the Rancho on 10/09!

West Marin - 10/09/2010 - Ranch Nicasio - a completely different vibe and a completely different show - Call to reserve advance tickets $12 : 415-662-2219 or pay more on the day of the show: $15
**If you subscribe to the "Royal Blues News" email me proof that you bought an advance ticket and I'll have a special personalized "thank you" memento waiting for you at the show. So, please call and reserve your spot asap! 415-662-2219
By the way, speaking of the Rancho, did you know that Angela Strehli really deserves a lot of the credit for motivating me to start this album? Here's why: about six years ago, after I sat in on a few impromptu tunes with the Rancho All Stars, Angela called me the next day and said, "I feel as if we've discovered a treasure." Now you can only imagine how, someone like me, a singer who's been slugging out in clubs for most of my career and who had pretty much given up on it at that point in my life, would feel at a moment like that. I mean, think about it -here is the very same Angela Strehli - who is referred to by many true blues aficionados as the "Queen" of the 80's Austin blues scene, which also spawned Stevie Ray Vaughn, Lou Ann Barton and Marcia Ball - and she's taking the time to call ME and say something like that? Well, I was so floored by her kindness and generosity of spirit, that I still get choked up to this day just thinking about that phone call. Plus, Mike Duke, the wonderful singer/player/songwriter (he wrote "Power of Love" the Huey Lewis hit) who plays in the Rancho Nicasio All Stars - appears on "Can't Go Back." How could we NOT do a show at the Rancho to celebrate the CD release? Anyway, hope to see you there! -- MM

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