Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sunday, November 23rd at Sweetwater : "Made in Mill Valley" CD Release

Hi All :

Taking a break from my break to do a couple of tunes with the Mill Valley Music Allstars, to celebrate Gary's seventh anniversary and the release of Floating Records and Mill Valley Music's first collaborative production, a CD compilation called "Made in Mill Valley."

It's a double CD, packed with 22 tracks of music by local artists. Of course, the project wouldn't be complete without Rita Abrams' "Mill Valley."

The goal is simple: to expose local music to new audiences while raising funds for a local nonprofit. In this case, it's the Richard De lone Special Housing Project, or RDSHP, which exists to educate the public about Prader Willi Syndrome.

Here is the ticket link :

Hope to see you there.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Recap, Cancellations and "Woody, (with) what were you thinking ?"

MM & LLK Saloon Show: 

Friday's show at The Saloon seemed to be a turning point for Livin' Like Kings, as the latest lineup is starting to gel. Kind of funny that, again, we are turning into a bit of a jam band, but that's a good thing; You never know what is going to happen and it all becomes a bit more of an adventure.
When I don't have to worry about the band, I can relax and just be in the moment. I like that.

October 17th Show Cancellation:

In case you missed it the last time I posted, sorry to say that our October 17th opening slot for Elvin Bishop was cancelled due to the venue closure.  It is disappointing, but I'm sure that another opportunity to open for a more established artist will come along soon.
For us, it was only one show, but there are many more people who have been negatively affected by this closure. Here is the announcement :
Please join us in sending best wishes out to the staff at the theatre and the community of Vacaville as they work it out.

Wine, Women & Song FUNdraiser:

I'll be joining Susan Z and the wonderful Wine, Women & Song cast for their 16th annual breast cancer fundraiser. TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE

Interesting, inspirational things I found on the internet:

Tax Ruling Seen As a Victory for Artists

Forgotten Female Programmers Who Created Modern Tech

Typewriter Artist

Cat Tracks Down Human Companion After She Moves to Nursing Home

Not sure why I feel the need to share this one, except to maybe encourage more people to support our public schools, or as a cautionary tale to would be wandering spouses - from the WWTT* File:

Ross Principal Resigns

Inspired by the above story, I'm sharing this song, which is a rough cut of a cover tune I recorded several years ago - is dedicated to any woman who has been neglected and/or had a cheating husband. Grateful that those days are long gone for me. Learn a lesson every day.
Forgive, but never forget.
If we accept BS, pretty soon we'll be surrounded by it. (Same goes for concrete.)

That's it for now.

-- MMT

Edited on 10/11/14

*WWTT = what were they thinking...?

Saturday, October 4, 2014

MM & LLK : Tonight in San Francisco

Hey Everybody - let's have sone fun!

Really looking forward to singing for you tonight at the oldest watering hole in North Beach, the infamous Saloon at 1232 Grant Avenue in San Francisco.

I remember it was about this time of year, back in 1987, when I first walked into that place, drawn by the blues. Over the years, we have seen many friends and loved ones come and go, but the music and the merriment remains a constant. Such an interesting cross section of humanity comes through those doors - and we always have a good time.

Sorry to my East Coast folks, no streaming there - at least not yet.
Maybe someday Myron will set it up. I guess if enough people ask him, he might consider it.

As for me, I'm just grateful to be able to sing.

If you really want to get the full effect, you have to be there.
Hope to see you.


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

One more thing...

Please read this.

I didn't write it, but there are many points I agree with, especially the part about how artists are human beings, not products.


Moving Forward, Gig This Week, more...

Dear Friends -
Well, here's another random (albeit short) musing about life along with a gig announcement.

Gig :
This Saturday at The Saloon : 9:30  - 1:30 - pm of course.
1232 Grant Avenue
San Francisco, CA

LLK Lineup :
Pat Duffey on guitar
Arne Frager on bass
Rob RJ Franco on drums
Richard Wood on Hammond organ

No horns expected on this one, but you just never know who will show up at The Saloon.
We are focusing on bluesy things and classic rock tunes. That seems to work best in that room.

Random musings :

I'm really not much in the mood to ramble on right now, as I'll be very busy helping my mom unpack and get settled into our little house.
Too much stuff.
I'm exhausted but grateful...and we'll be getting ready to have some yard sales...

Speaking of "stuff," I decided to extend the free download for the Freedom Jam a bit longer, but not too long. You still have the option to pay for it. Of course, whether or not you will pay for it will not determine whether or nit I will make more music. It just shows what you value.


p.s. LLK probably will not play that one at The Saloon.
But we will probably play this one :

Thursday, September 18, 2014

FREE DOWNLOAD For Climate March

I've got good news and bad news :

Bad News:

The Theatre DeVille is closing its doors, so we won't be opening up for Elvin Bishop on October 17th in Vacaville.
Actually, there is some good news in that, because we were going to have to do the gig without Arne, which is the whole reason that Livin' Like Kings even became a band in the first place.

That's a pretty funny story, really, because the date was going to be the 24th, which one of the Kings couldn't do, so Arne pitched a bit of a fit, saying that we really couldn't be turning down gigs, so we needed to get a sub for whomever can't make the date. Then the date was changed to the 17th, which is/was a scheduling conflict for him. We had a good laugh about that one.
Anyway, as his first priority is to see me sing more often, whether or not he gets to play bass (or engineer, or produce for that matter) - of course, he was more than happy to hire a sub, which we unfortunately had to unhire (is that even a word?) because the gig has since been cancelled.

He is right, of course, because, honestly, how can an artist or band create any momentum unless we play consistently? And how can we play consistently when key members are in several bands?
As you can see, this causes a scheduling challenge.

Good News :

In honor of the Climate March on September 21st, I'm giving away a free download of that Freedom Jam song that Herman Eberitzch and I recorded in 2011.
Download is available now through until we run out (I only have about 1200 download credits) or until #musicmonday September 22nd.

As you may remember (pretty hard to forget since I keep talking about it) - that song was conceived and birthed while I was knee deep in a bureaucratic mess about an overkill, environmentally irresponsible, million dollar four block sidewalk that is estimated to dump an average of a million gallons of polluted storm water runoff into a creek that contains (or used to contain) federally endangered Steelhead Trout.

Hmm - come to think of it, that contained some bad news. Oh well, sorry about that, but the truth hurts sometimes.

Here's the track :

Some more Good News :

We have a gig at The Saloon in San Francisco on October 4th - 9:30 pm downbeat - which is right smack in the middle of Hardly Strictly Bluegrass weekend!

Looking for a sub drummer for that one, for the reasons mentioned above.

Much Love,